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Ok, this is for all you MTGS madhouse nutters who know Mr Evans.

Styal Mill trip yesterday with the U4ths... the man got off the bus with his group of kids, didnt know where the rest of the year and teachers had gone. He thought, hmm... Mrs Grindley said we'd meet in the school room. He then looked at the map he had and thought, hmmm... that word says school. He then proceeded to lead his group of U4ths across THREE FIELDS to a VILLAGE where this school was. The rest of the history department were rushing round panicking wondering where the tosser had gone. They finally found him by getting one of the kids to ring their mate in the lost group on her mobile.
When they were being shown around the mill, the guide told him off for chewing gum. He then proceeded to get cut off from the rest of the group with a few other kids, came to four doors and got very confused. He couldnt work out where he should go, and so got lost... again.
The man astounds me.

In other news, two girls apparently got in trouble today for kissing in a corridor or something. All i know is one was in L5 and one was in U5. Stalker, or anyone, do you know the story, and how much trouble are they in?

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Oh good, I haven't been bullied or kicked out or anything. =]

I go to Stanton College Preparatory, which is the U.S.'s number one International Baccalaureate, public magnet high school, blah blah blah. I hate the effing school. I'm in my junior/eleventh grade, and it's torture. I used to be great at handling stress, but not this year....and I think I'm going a little insane. So I joined this community. Hope it's not an insult. But I'm sick of running into people who get all grandmotherly-ish and shit. My school is weird. A lot of students skip class to study. I won't deny that I'm at the top with the rest of the elite, with the most difficult courses, but I do think I'm cracking under the pressure, unlike the rest of the mechanical, crazy students. Am I the sane one or not???! So....here I am. Thanks for the welcome! =]
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Hi, I'm new. What are the five years of Merchant Taylors?

Ummmmm more about myself anyway, my pseudonym is Kyra, if I need to post my real name then do tell, everyone think's I'm perfectly normal is chipper and popular etc. [see LJ userinfo] but nobody saw any of my private posts.

Where can I find cyanide? That's how much my life/school sucks.
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The Damned Never Sleep...

By the time that hell filled up, we were already walking this earth, and no more shall pass through the gates of it's inferno. Therefore we are all stuck in this god forsaken realm we call existence. I know I'm stating the obvious, but I had to get my deranged apocalyptic/anti-apocalyptic ramblings out at some point today. By the way does anyone have any smokes, I'm fresh out.
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Ok, nobody ever posts in this thing so to stop it being all lonesome:

News and gossip about our beloved assylum:

"Having struggled with failing health since Easter, Mr. Dunne has decided that it is in the best interest of his long term recovery and the best interests of the school, if he resigns from his post as Head of Drama. I have accepted his resignation and wish him well in the future."
- Mrs Mills our esteemed leader in a letter to all theatre studies students.
Basically the bastard has been asked to leave because he cant teach and has fukd up our AS levels. Mrs Butler and Mrs Wigmore are going to teach us now (yes i know they left but we r just so, um, special).

Mrs Biology Miller and Mrs Rice- Oxley told us on DofE that all forms are going to be M, T, G and S. (eg. 3M, 3T, 3G and 3S) How cheesy. and they might be bringing in a house system.
Also dont get confused when you get your timetable next year- teachers initials hav changed to 3 letter ones- like Mrs Rice- Oxley is SRI.

uh i think thats about it. not very exciting i know.


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wow, i just worked out how to post in here. clever me. not.

exams suck, and our beloved school needs to get off its beloved arse and fire a few morons. not mentioning any names *ahemmrdunneahem*

Mrs Mills is a Purple Prune.
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oh how amusing

well i had to go see the great and wonderful old bat at break today.
she had some report thingy to go through with me seeing as how i missed parents evening.
i don't hand in work and only do enough to get by basically. but mrs colvins comments had to be the best.
i appear to have many six form friends namely geraldine, naomi and louise who appear to have possibly sucked me into the bizzare uses of the internet. for one ha. like you introduced me to the internet and its uses. believe me i've known and used the internet for years. since something like second year infact.
secondly, you three don't have greatly bizzare uses of it. i'd say amy, jane and iona do.
and colvin mentioned how i go to bed at 2. and millsy asked what time i went to bed last night. which was 11pm btw.
she said that she got home late last night form school and at 9 she was cold so made herself a hot drink, a hot water bottle and sat down infront of the tv. living alone she fell straight asleep and said there was no way that she could have stayed awake until 11. let alone 2pm.
well she left a pause, quite a long one in fact. and my brain was screeming at me to say "well thats because you're an old bat who needs her sleep" i was sitting there begging myself not to say it outloud. luckily i won.
she also noted how she saw me in here yesterday and said she would ban me from the computer room if she had to. and upon hearing that my parents have not removed my computer, she said that she will make them if she has to. so it won't be them removing it it will be her.

she really is daft. and also said she would be sacked if she turned up late for work as much as i do. i wish she would. ah well.